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The dialogues were collected in a referential communication task that involved furnishing a dolls’ house.
Participants were assigned the roles of director and matcher. The director described the arrangement of a pre-furnished dolls’ house while the matcher furnished an empty dolls’ house. After completing the task they switched roles. There were two different kinds of arrangements: one ‘functional’ where the furniture was arranged conventionally as in a living room, bedroom etc., and one ‘non-functional’ where the same set of furniture was arranged randomly. Participants started with the functional or the non-functional arrangement and completed the other one after switching roles.

Project leaders: Thora Tenbrink, Elena Andonova, Kenny Coventry
Funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG) through the SFB/TR 8 Spatial Cognition (I5-DiaSpace) and the Hanse Institute for Advanced Studies, Delmenhorst, Germany.

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Tenbrink, Thora, Andonova, Elena, Schole, Gesa, and Coventry, Kenny R. (2017). Communicative success in spatial dialogue: The impact of functional features and dialogic strategies. Language and Speech 60:2, 318–329.

Further publications based on the corpus include:

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